Our Story

A problem turned into an idea. An idea turned into a business opportunity. A business opportunity turned into a product that touches your soul.


How it all began

In 2018, one of our Co-founders lost his grandmother.

Losing a loved one is tough and the only thing that can warm your heart is revisiting the mementos. Taking a look at your phone gallery is the first thing that would come to your mind. But soon you will realize there is something missing. Kiarash says “What kept echoing in my mind was the memory of my grandmother’s voice; her calling out my name, laughing out loud, wishing me a happy birthday and all voices that I will never hear from her ever again.” This was one major problem and to solve it, we founded Sound Wave Shop.

Our Mission

We want to change the way that people keep their favourite voices. You might record it on your phone but how many times do you actually go back to voice memos and listen to them? We put an old family picture on our desk, or better yet hang it on a wall. Then why not do the same with sounds and voices! But not only that, we want our customers to be known as the most creative gift giver and give something unique for any occasion. Together we can keep voices forever.


Sound Wave Shop

Your voice is piece of art.